You – Say’A

You judge me
You hurt me
You make me cry
You kiss me
I always remember when you hurt me
When you destroy all the beautiful things
I remained calm it all because I do not know what you mean

When you scom me,I just keep quite
But I wonder why you kissed me
Why you say you love me,why you say you miss me
What would you bastard 2x

Oh I love you
Oh I need you ,but I say to you
I hate you more than you know,when you hurt me
I felt something in the world fatamorgan
You b*tch, you bastard
You?re dirt that right now I hate you so

Reff :
You hurt me baby
You let me go
And make me angry

I hate you now
Thanks for coming into my life
At first I love you but sorry now I don?t know
So go away from me you are gone for so long
I?m better happier and healtier than you

You hurt me baby
You let me go
And make me angry

Even though you continue to hurt me
I would always expect…

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