Yo Mama – Butterfingers

I see you in your office sending and receiving cheques

But I know the quest for money comes from a quest for sex

So I cut to the chase and forgot about my job

And decided to stay home with yo mama on my knob

I can see your laughing so I guess you think its funny

But while your getting drunk I’ve been getting honey

And by tomorrow night you will be hungover and sick

And I’ll be at my home with yo mama on my dick

Yo mama’s on the top of my things to do list

Thinking your the man but I am bringing news

Our manhoods being measured by the women that we choose

And you cant earn respect if all you ever pick is sluts

So Ill stay at my home and let yo mama suck my nuts

Yo mama’s on the top of my things to do list

Eat more fruit plant more trees

Learn to shoot travel overseas

Wash the dog read a book

Find three Chinese recipes to cook

Learn to waltz and speak Maltese

Perment to invent and better Fetta cheese

The highest they get is number two

Cause number one on my list of things to do is

Yo Mama

Shes always on top

In my dream I was a cop and I stopped to arrest her

Never met a whore more hardcore so I frisked her

Steamed up the beemer and needed the demister

When she licked my colon cleaner than a clyster

Got another blister from playing naked twister

Raw on the floor with yo mama and yo sister

Hadn’t even kissed her but she still let me fist her

I let her drive home pissed and said Hasta La Vista baby

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