We In This Life – Platinum

Ah huh…iced out entertainment…

iced out records…in association with the streets

history in the making…

in conjunction with everything that’s official



nigga wanna start but we end it right here,

out of my mind, lookin’ at dimes,

but still see money through them happy days

trickle your nine in a fantastic spray,

gettin’ money now a days,

always think about the same nigga that got blast away

think to the day how she let the painter craft away

sportin’ cars, talk about them lighter sparks,

right from the start, listen to cd’s,

havin’ breakfast over cherry and kiwi’s

it’s surrenderd to mine now we keep it straight like spines

now everybody wanna stack doe and sell albums like mine,

ever since the first cut, niggas still stuck in a bind

we still do the same shit, rappin’ like it ain’t nothin’

so now you wanna ask me, ?does it really mean that much to me??

soap and water now we livin’ like bubbles,

water fear, hydrophobic, only way out is by drownin’

america don’t understand my demographics of lap dancin’

we the truest niggas to do this figgas,

anything else is bullshit,

role one of them niggas thay stay high,

nigga that made blue turn gray skies,

my lyrics are like the constituion, respect with great pride

in the center of all of the confusion nigga, we stand by

land in the center town, we smile when we down,

shit, we rap on Tuesdays…in front of thank god its Friday’s

fuck what they say, 100 bars we last, we still strong all day

stop explosions, office paper of stock is bulging,

controllin’ it down, did it right,

now kick us out for expulsion

we dropped the watch, leader of the hot spot,

now watch, seen us at the graveyard,

lettin’ the mummy’s and skeletons roll in

the rocks is closing in, we do it in time,

but make no sense to separate Barbie from Ken

C play the flow in, true it’s hard to find me,

Wanna find traces of me umm…since &#

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