Untitled To Love – U.N.K.N.O.W.N

First time I see you
Sure I can have you
I feel your In my heart
Feel your In my heart
Because I’m loving you (if I ask to you)

I want you know that
I just very like you
And stey In your mind
Bring love In my soul
Can be a true piece
Everything and always forever

You know I’m your posession
I hope I can be a your friend
I know you very enjoy
With romantical situtation

I want you know that
I love you forever
And want stay In your heart
With a true love
Bring soul In my soul
Can be very a true piece

You’ll never know till but In my heart
I love you
I want to can speak,because I not have yet

You’ll never come again
And gone to leave me also
Then you redicule me
To say “I hate you”

So I can feeling sad
Sometime I remember you
To Image your face
Beautifully and sweety
Because you lost In my mind

In night I want to meet you
To required forgivness
And say why you leave me
If I have a mistake
I’m sorry I not Intend
To painful your feeling

(I’ll never again make a mistake,
but love is spirit of servant)

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