This Is My Way – Cindy

With everything I’ve been thru’
Why would you say I’m not good enough for you?
Even when things are falling
I would stand here beside you
I wont stop for nothing
That’s how I pledged to your heart

This is my way
The way I love you
But I wont force you to stay
If you never want to
And I’ll be alright without you
Cause when a man can’t appreciate
So what’s for a woman to stay?

It aint easy
To give you everything you want
Love you no matter what
Even on the days I don’t
If I stay you’d run me over
So it’s my call
I call it over..

Guess I’m better off without you
It’s all I gotta do and I wont stop for nothing
That’s how I pledged to your heart

I wont stop givin’ up on love
I must be another man treasure
Just because of you
Dont think I’m too desparate
You can go front to
Your boy’s say it was you who call it off
I don’t give a damn about a thing you say
Coz I know my way, and I refuse to be the fool to stay

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