This Is Me Versi Song – The Broadcaster MRA

And I ??..

I’ve been waiting to long
Sitting alone while waiting for my chances to come
Untill I realize success isn’t going to come
Unless I stand up and still and my will is as strong and I

And I???.

I don’t care what you say
Would never wanna listen to you non believers today
you always laugh at what I do
I’m a loser you say but I’ll reach
my dream believe that I’ll do come what may

Verse 1
This is what I want, this is what I do
This is where I live?.this is me
This is All I have, this is all my dreams
This is all I am?.This is me

And I want to?.show it all to you
Yes I want to?share it all with you

Verse 2
This is what I see, this is what I hear
This is what I feel, this is me
This is All I have, this is all my dreams
This is all I am?.This is me

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Verse 3
This is what I want This is me
This is what I do This is me
This is where I live This is me
This is me ?..

Rap :
And we are never alone
Together we stand, we rise and never shall fall
Inside our every heart we fight our demons and war
Close our eyes and listen while every heart roar
Is it too hard to believe? aren’t we all taught
to never kill our own dreams
Listen here ….this is real….
this is me… free……..*

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