Punk Rock Girl – Kuro

Did u remember the day I tried to call your name “Punk Rock Girl”

U walked in front of me i see that dress u wear

i see the dress’s to kill

and then people there watching u like a star in the show

i remember the show is called “some fast tune show”

i’ve been there to see the show

and you’ve been too

i try to track u down i run to see u in the crowded room

but its to dark there are so many people there

i lost u once again and i dont want to lose again

will u just wait for me after the show?

i try to catch u then

i run to smile for u and u pay back the smile

but u point your middle finger back at me

i dont give a shit to that and i dont give a damn

i know that u like me

since the first time u saw me

we make an eye contact

but why are u running away from me

i dont know why…

punk rock girl at some fast tune show

dont u run away…. i want to meet u now..

oh yeah… punk rock girl anywehere u are

if you’re listening…. wait after the show…

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