Pick My Destiny – Kuro

I finally found my self alone again tonight

I used to stand so proud and tall

Until the day I found

That everything can change

…The day I found that everything can change…

I finally found my self alone again tonight

I realized that now

I’ve been thinking of this years to seek a friend for me

To help me set my score to find the way that straight to home

I’ve got to choose my road for me ‘

coz i know what it is best for me

My friend I felt so blind to trust u in this world

You care about your self to pick my destiny

I won’t be the one to walk this path with u and why

Can I believe in all the things I heard u say?

I live my life so bored never found what I’m looking for

Try to seek this life

You stand in line beside me try to tell me of this life

The future will come and go

That is what the reason why

Somewhere between the lie and truth

To define what really best for me (2x)

I will survive in this town with all obstacles that head my way

That’s a piece of cake to me, Try to defend what is right

there’s just one way to seek the truth, as a human being

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