My Friend – Saint Loco

Smoking weed everytime that?s the way of us
Walk of my problem never wanna discus
In the state of the city try to living free
We use to trippin in a party feeling ecstasy
I live my urban life the way we wanna be
And for the few who knews we gonna ride with u
St.loco represented for your homies in town
Here we go now flowing in the hood
Then I want to a religion but I got so frost
They call me outcast to society so I?ve got trust
I?m riding in this world that it seems so lost
Solution to confution tell me who I can?t trust
I want to live my life Wright try to living inside
But in the middle of the night I see your light shines bright
You got a soul power mystery
Saves my life?s year sinner misery

For the fate..
For the life..
For the love..
For the trust..
Saved by the blood with believing
You gotta pray to make the day
Pray to make the day
Your job is in my way

Back to hours 2x

Yea yea yea 3x
Hi wo ooo 2x
I know I?m dirty..
I know I?m filthy..
But I know u save me
And I know u save me

Back to chorus 2x

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