Love Will Found You – Aditya

Remember when we used to talk
sharing our hearts went through the night
your voice whispering in my ear
we take it slow let the love talking

But now you seem to holding back
the way you feel about my heart
i just can feel your emptiness
baby be cool and you will know


Love can be fun
love may be hurt
love can be everything
you want it to
open your eyes
just see it through
and just give it a try
love will find you

I wanna be your true love
i can fill in to your loneliness
i wanna be everything that you want me to
give me your sign lady
and you will know

You will know way you give it try
love not bad as it always can be
so give faith on me girl
and i will share you my world
never thought i will leave you
i hope you in my arms from now
love will give me by your side

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Love Will Find You Girl And That Could Be Me
Love Will Find You Girl And That Could Be You
Love Will Find You Girl And That Could Be Us

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