In Luv With U – TWO TRIPLE O

You brought that somethin’
Somethin’ in my life
Thats been gone
Gone for along time

The need to love and
To be a love by someone
And I think gotta choose you to be
That someone for me

Never thought that I would feel
Feel this way about love this
Cuz you are the best thing in my life

Dont know what I suppose to do
Cant think of anyone else but you
And know regret Im fillin’ you
Baby Im in love with you

Everyday we spent together
Hope we can make it last forever
And know regret Im fillin’ you
Baby Im in love you

I’ve been searching my so far
Along time
And now I know
I know
I know
That it is you baby

And now I feel
My life so completely
Cuz boy you are my heart
And so that I adored

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Oh no..
And I swear
I never let you down baby
That I wanna is
Just giving you love..
Forever and ever and ever

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