I Can’t Wait – Sandy

You once said, that love will wait
And love will find, one with lonely heart
Well, I’ll be there to find the answer
No I won’t be waiting for my angel

No I can not wait
No I won’t be lonely
No I just can’t wait for someone
No I won’t wait for the love to come

You once said, that love won’t last
And love will cease leave a broken heart

Well you’d be there to know the answer
Coz I’ll be there with my own angel

Yes I’d still be there
And she’s mine forever
Yes we’d still be there
And we’ll live and love each other
Holding hands until love do us part

No I can’t wait
No I can’t wait all that long
No I can’t wait for something in the rain
Coz I will find her
Yes I’ll find her on my own
I don’t have to wait for something in the rain

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