Goodbye – Mary Jane

Open a scarlet envelope

Stuffed with a poem and a good bye note

Twenty dollars doesn’t do any good

But maybe it will when you’re not eating food

A pocket knife in the back of your jeans

A backpack filled with broken dreams

Black sneakers slapping on the ground

It’s such a shame that I can’t hear the sound

You know I’d walk a million miles

Just to see an honest smile (CHORUS)

But I can’t travel all that far

And smiling true is just too hard

Sinister thoughts run through my mind

But I can wait until next time

I sit here staring at the blue

I know I’m lost but so are you

It’s not really all that fair

That I can’t see your shining hair

It’s not really all that dumb

It’s better than being numb


So why are you doing this, again?

Why am I losing you all over again?

Why am I flooded with tears again?

Why am I sobbing so loudly again?

Tell me why

Tell me why

Tell me why

Tell me why

Tell me

Go find yourself in a puddle of mud

Go see your reflection like you should

Deserve yourself in many ways

Live and love all of your days

I know you won’t be here for long

And maybe that’s why I write stupid songs

All I can do is watch you leave

Watch you leave

Watch you leaveâ???¦.

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