Ghost – Discotion Pill

I heard a strange, surprising voices,
Shock me loud, inside my head
And slow drive me into fancy
Unlikely reality
I had to race all night to
Fight the suggestion
And shadows flight
I need a modulation
Come to me & I?ll scream you back
Well I cannot blame,
In the shadow fears, tonight
Like a child and big black creatures
I caught you all, on yesterday
I couldn?t sweat, speak panic, oh shit?!
I would love if you wont come back
I had to woke all night
To fight the suggestion
You coming up all day
I need a modulation
Come to me, and I?ll scream you back
Well I cannot blame, in the ghosts fear
Ghost you need to sing a song
Feed your revenge by a poem
Ghost and dead is lay in sense
You?d better around, around and dance

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