Get Over It – Nadia

Power in my hand
Love is where I stand

Gotta keep it up
Gotta keep it on
Gotta keep it up
Gotta keep it on top

There’s no complain
No fear of a wall
No tears in vain
No trouble at all

Got a secret
Get over it
Got a secret
Get over it

Keep it up
Keep it on
Get your feet on the ground
That’s gonna keep us going on

Cause I wanna get over it, oh ya
Got to get over it, you know
Just get over it
Take me with you now

Give yourself to me
Be what you can be

There’s no weakness
No bug in the brain
No stupid guess
No feelings of shame

Step in the sunlight
Make everything right

There’s no frontier
No trick to be made
No lie to hear
No love to be fade

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