Dooms Day out – ButterFingers

Either i’m sick or purified
Acidity or jealousy
I needen’t wanna be complete
Retarded cause it’s part of the…

And suddenly i realize
For all the things I’ read and buy
Will never got slip mind hide
Will never ever slip away

Oh will i lost my mind ?
And never realize it why…
I will lost my mind

I’m sick and tired of these lies
For all the part which you can find
A little mature is all we need… need !
To soothe and run there’s no way

I will lost my mind
And make a while to fanatize
I will not smile

Hey… u wanna… hey… yeah… ( 8X )
I will not smile
And never ask to me why
I will not smile
And make a while to fanatize…
I will not smile
And never realize it why
I will not smile…

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