Bla Bla (feat. G Soul & Malique & Joe Flizzow & Reefa) – Too Phat

( intro )
(…yo mic checker 1, 2, 2-3 like Jordan
gurlies who love us flashin’ like Gordon
some of them morons, who look like Gorgons
we scared of monsters, so beg your pardon…)
What !

( verse 1 )
( Reefa: )
Who wants to know who droppin’ rhymes that you be pumpin’ ?
It’ll be the undisputed king of hip-hoppin’
Droppin’ some funky lyrics for all of the peeps here
To mark the return of the ‘R’ into the atmosphere
Now peep the flow as we bring up the pace a little bit higher
The home team Joe and Mista Malique bringin’ an extra playa
to face ya, amaze ya wit the style and grace ya
Makin’ ya stop to think and say… Malaysia kalakimasuka ?
But check it, all the intensity from there to be
be runnin’ roun in your memory the legacy that’s comin’ up to be
number 1, 2, 3 in the industry but then you see
it’s clear to me hip H-O-P ain’t priority but y’all cant see
(Can i get a what what ?)

( Malique: )
Skoo that ,you know Malique ain’t the type to be do that
Never gotta be beggin’ to woo cats
My style is makin’ ’em hoo’ rats hollerin’ who dat? who dat coo cat ?
the one who be doin’ your boo wet
My duet ain’t never get boo’d at
It’s true that I’m makin’ a rule that anybody battle me gonna get blue black

( chorus )
We the type of people who like to bla, bla, huh
We the type of people who like to bla, bla
We the type of people who like to bla, bla, huh
We the type of people who bla bla bla, bla
We the type of people who like to bla, bla, huh
We the type of people who like to bla, bla
We the type of people who like to bla, bla, huh
Just grab the microphone and go bla, bla, bla, bla

( verse 2 )
( Joe flizzow: )
Now your stop babblin’, see you fools be stutterin’ jabberin’
Your flow be fumblin’ staggerin’ while my travellin like javellin’
It’s funny seein’ y’all scatterin’ at first y’all wanna be battlin
( Malique: )
ay Joe, please stop the batterin’..aight ?
( old skool: )
Check it boy one time for your mind
as I take you back to the old skool
You gotta know your roots dont act a fool
because that is the perfect tool
( Joe Flizzow: )
My flow be levitatin’ yours be hesitatin’
I rock amazin’ blazin’ while your phrasin’ constipatin’
You frontin’ when you nuttin’ ain’t that some’n little punk ?
You yappin’ and you braggin’ while you rappin like you drunk
You lookin’ like a chump kid in your baggy gear
Tryina hit on Nadia, her sista and Alia
and when you see me near, you screamin’ mama mia
So see ya when I see ya and I wouldn’t wanna be ya

( repeat chorus )

( verse 3 )
( Reefa: )
Anybody wanna step to this come along and just clap to this
Master this, pasteurs to the methodist,
throwin up fast to burn yourself like acid is
Blasphemous, wanna be Too Phat wanna be B.I.G like Notorious
Wanna rock the house like Morpheus, another one bites to dust
Like angel dust, without a fuss, pick another microphone and start to bust
Get on the bus and bounce wit’ us ’cause all the rest get burnt to dust, cuz’
(We the type of people who like to bla, bla but still
make the honeys go goo goo ga ga)
( Malique: )
Now check my rocket flows I addict you like a pack of those
sticks made outta paper that wrapped over tabacco
but they kinda make you broke and po’ but smoke it mo’
Wit’ lips that are gifted, spit flows that are wicked
More tricks get addicted, more chick chicks wanna get wit’
Malique lickin’ all em criticts, huh
I’m makin’ ’em sound proper
So people can bounce bounce tah
They jumpin’ around round tah
Now who be the playa? duh…
Huh, I heard your raps ain’t about a damn thang
Like chicken wings and onion rings in Burger King y’all numsayin’
It’s all a shame, y’all sold the game, y’all sellouts better stop hollerin’
Stop modellin’, go grab some powder, perfume and some deadorant
We botherin’? But you gotta get it harder man
Well, oh yeah one thang, wanna beg your pardon man
Last night when the party end, didn’t know your boo got a man

(Mista Malique he likes to bla, bla
Joe Flizzow he loves to bla, bla
That kid Reefa he always bla, bla
Phat Family we bla, bla, bla, bla)

( repeat chorus )

( Malique: )
(Yo yo whut tha deal baybeh, it’s Malique from Too Phat
just chillin’ in the studio wit’ my partner Joe Flizzow
and my partner Reefa, I see my man G-soul sittin’ over there
wit’ the groove, you know we keepin’ it smoove, yo we out.)

( outro )
(mic wrecker 5,6-7 eleven
gurlies who hate us can go to heaven)(acapella intro)
(Lady Dee)
Orang laut pulang ke laut
Orang darat pulang ke darat
Aku tahu asal usulmu
Lagu ini kupersembahkan

(verse 1)
Aiyo gurl that’s cool
Check this out right here now… see
Throughout this while we have been keepin’ it on the d-low
Steadily watchin’ you from the underground land below
Like Skee-Lo, I wish y’all would change but I was wrong
Everything Ranges wadn’t nothing but just a song sung
You wrong son, when you thinkin’ that fanbase has grown son
Lonesome, where your friends and fans now? They gone son
Y’all worsened, damn that award ain’t in the right hands
If you rapped as well as your beat rocks, it’ll be aight then
Aight man? everybody know ain’t nothing real
Check the CD cover wit’ the classic clown appeal
and still it kinda beats me how you got that record deal
Wit’ no skills, why you tryin so hard to B-Real ?
Y’all say yall king? a’ah, ain’t even listenin’
Y’all say yall reign? a’ah, ain’t even drizzlin’
So skoo that rap Kojak, claimin’ to be (ha ha ha)
Comin’ in late for shows sillily claimin’ that they hectic
and now that I’m gon’ attack ? (whatcha gonna do ?)
You just gon’ sit there or rat tat tat ? (whatcha gonna do ?) So quit be hollering that y’all the king of hip-hop
and if you down with (scratches) you too can sick ma duck

(chorus 2X)
Orang laut pulang ke laut
Orang darat pulang ke darat
Aku tahu asal usulmu
Lagu ini kupersembahkan
whatcha gon’ do ? a ah a ah ah
whatcha gon’ do ? a ah a ah ah
wathcha gon’ do ? a ah a ah ah
watcha gon’ do when we come for you, ha ?!)

(verse 2)
(Joe Flizzow)
Now you frontin’ wit’ your smiles and your fake hellos
Behind my back you talkin’ ish dissin’ my flows
Aiyo, we were still keepin’ our heads keepin’ our cool
til’ that wicked interview now, hear me fool ?
You claimin’ to be the only one not givin’ props to others
and still you having the gutts to call them players your brother
Don’t even bother, now tell me where you at
Here’s a flying kiss comin from Too Phat
Be prepared, verbal Armageddon’s ’bout to happen
I pack more ammunition than y’all wack competition
Now listen, when you shoot your raps y’all be missin’
Busy wit’ some other peoples chicks, tryina kiss ’em
Damn, at first you brought some hope into the game
Now it ain’t the same, probably fame got you lame

( repeat chorus)

(Sri Jimbit Dikir United)
Kalah menang adat bertanding
Kalau kalah janganlah runsing
Jangan marah bila disindir
Kalau melawan nanti tersingkir
Kalah menang adat bertanding
Kalau kalau janganlah runsing
Jaga-jaga bila berkata
Sebab mulut badan binasa

(repaet chorus)

(Malique and Joe Flizzow)
Yeah yeah it’s about time
Y’all should have seen this comin’
You know we not alone up in this
Got the whole family behind our backs, nahmean ?
Illegal… tight
G-Soul… tight
Lady Dee, Mo Swang, my people… tight
Yeah and all the crazy kekos in Phat Cat,
the illest homeboys from Da Joint, Naughty Max… we all tight, nahmean ?
Yeah and mad love to everybody in the underground scene
Helium Family, Phat Family, keepin it tight for 2 G
Peace and we outtie…

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